KH Sunflowers

Caña Alta

11,00 €


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Made in Portugal

Made in Portugal

Hand Linked Toe

Hand Linked Toe

Algodón peinado

Algodón peinado

A fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten up your home as much as some brand new floral KH socks can be the highlight of your drawer. You'll love wearing long colorful socks once you see how good a sunflower field looks on your calves!


  • Knee High
  • Colors: Red
  • Socks to be wild


Para hombre:

- Talla Grande: US 8-12 / EUR 41-46 / UK 7.5-11.5
- Talla Pequeña: US 4.5-7.5 / EUR 36-40 / UK 4-7

Para mujer:

- Talla Grande: US 10-12.5 / EUR 41-46 / UK 7-11
- Talla Pequeña: US 6-9 / EUR 36-40 / UK 3.5-6.5

Para niños:

- Talla Grande: US 13.5-3.5 / EUR 31-35 / UK 12.5-2.5
- Talla Mediana: US 9.5-13 / EUR 26-30 / UK 8.5-12
- Talla Pequeña: US 5.5-9 / EUR 21-25 / UK 4.5-8

70% Combed Cotton, 28% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Mediante el proceso de "hand-linked" conseguimos que las costuras de las punteras, generalmente muy incómodas en la mayoría de los calcetines, sean inapreciables. Esto hace que nuestros calcetines sean más confortables.

We recommend washing your socks with cold water and no bleach to preserve colors and maintain size and shape. They will last longer if you keep them out of the dryer. Colors will stay truer if you wash your socks inside-out. Avoid bleaching or ironing your socks. Avoid tumble drying. To remove the label from your new socks do not rip it off as this will damage your socks. Please remove it by gently pulling out the thread on the label using your fingers.