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Made in Portugal

Made in Portugal

Hand Linked Toe

Hand Linked Toe

Combed Cotton

Combed Cotton

Only in cool long socks such as these could we fit so many dog breeds! Man’s best friend couldn’t be left out of a fun socks collection inspired in cities because really, what would our stressful lives be if it wasn’t for our furry friends? Nothing can compare the feeling of coming home from a hard day at work to that happy face and wiggling tail running towards you as excited as if it hadn’t seen you in a million years. If people in the neighborhood know you for your dog, your clothes are covered all over with dog hair or you are one of those that greets first the dog, then the owner, sorry my friend, but you are deep in the team of crazy dog lovers. Join the pack of crazy socks lovers as well and prepare your paws to look as good as ever!


  • Knee-High
  • Combed cotton
  • Available for men and women
  • Colors: Green
  • Socks to be wild 

For men:

- Larger size: US 8-12 / EUR 41-46 / UK 7.5-11.5
- Smaller size: US 4.5-7.5 / EUR 36-40 / UK 4-7

For women:

- Larger size: US 10-12.5 / EUR 41-46 / UK 7-11
- Smaller size: US 6-9 / EUR 36-40 / UK 3.5-6.5

 For kids:

- Larger size (8-12 years): US 13.5-3.5 / EUR 31-35 / UK 12.5-2.5
- Medium size (4-7 years): US 9.5-13 / EUR 26-30 / UK 8.5-12
- Smaller size (1-3 years): US 5.5-9 / EUR 21-25 / UK 4.5-8


78% Combed Cotton, 20% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Using the hand-linked process, the stitches on both sides of our socks' toe seam are linked with a single thread creating a really flat and comfortable finish.

We recommend hand-washing to preserve colors and maintain size and shape or with cold water and no bleach. They will last longer if you line dry them. Colors will stay truer if you wash your socks inside-out. Avoid bleaching or ironing your socks. Avoid tumble drying.