Discover our collection of mid-calf socks for women. 
You can choose among multiple colors and designs! 


Every sock lover knows that some fun mid-calf socks are a must have! All possible combinations, designs and colors are available in our cool collection of mid-calf patterned socks for women. Fashionistas, always aware of the latest trends, will fall for our Flamingo design in all colors (there's 6!); inner-farmer ladies will find themselves home with The Farm design; and those dog fanatics will be wagging their tails with the Huskies and Kika designs. Moreover, if you feel like having matching pairs with your partner, brother or guy friend, you shouldn't definitively check our mid-calf socks collection for men and add your favourite designs to your four or ten socks pack, available in our packs section. Wearing socks never felt cooler! 

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