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Made in Portugal

Made in Portugal

Hand Linked Toe

Hand Linked Toe

Combed Cotton

Combed Cotton

Gearing up for the new season!
We’ve already checked the brakes, filled the tank up and are ready to hit the road of awesome socks!
Motorcycles are one of those things that you just can’t simply like… you either love them, are obsessed with them or you wish you could marry yours because it’s your best life companion.
If you are one of those who get excited with the engine’s roaring or the smell of fuel, or you know someone who is and are looking for a nice gift for them, these fun mid-calf socks are what you were looking for!
Get your gears and feet ready for these colorful mid-calf socks… but don’t forget your helmet either!


  • Mid-calf
  • Combed cotton
  • Available for men and women
  • Colors: Grey & Dark Acqua
  • Socks to be wild 

For men:

- Larger size: US 8-12 / EUR 41-46 / UK 7.5-11.5
- Smaller size: US 4.5-7.5 / EUR 36-40 / UK 4-7

For women:

- Larger size: US 10-12.5 / EUR 41-46 / UK 7-11
- Smaller size: US 6-9 / EUR 36-40 / UK 3.5-6.5

 For kids:

- Larger size (8-12 years): US 13.5-3.5 / EUR 31-35 / UK 12.5-2.5
- Medium size (4-7 years): US 9.5-13 / EUR 26-30 / UK 8.5-12
- Smaller size (1-3 years): US 5.5-9 / EUR 21-25 / UK 4.5-8


Using the hand-linked process, the stitches on both sides of our socks' toe seam are linked with a single thread creating a really flat and comfortable finish.